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Michael Doane was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1989. He studied classical literature and languages at the University of Maryland, and now lives in rural Maryland with his wife, Emily. In his spare time he hikes, travels, and reads as often as possible.

His debut novel, The Crossing, was published October 2016 by Kalmia Books.

Quick Facts

Date of Birth:
November 16, 1989
Place of Birth:
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
University of Maryland, Classical Literature, 2011

Michael Doane, Author of The Crossing

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Michael Doane is also the co-host of Between Pages Podcast with Mike and Dula. His reading interests are wide and include classical world literature, philosophy, modern literature, fantasy, sci-fi, travel, and more. Take a look at what Mike’s been reading on Goodreads.


Michael is influenced as much by film, music, and interactive media, as he is by literature and philosophy. View some of the authors, directors, songwriters, and artists that have left their impact on Mike’s own work here.