Do you know the secret to selling more books?

It’s simple really. The secret to selling more books is to work hard, build an audience, and connect with readers over time in meaningful ways. The hard part is creating a plan and sticking to it.

I’m Michael Doane. I’ve worked with authors from all over the world to create long-term strategies to connect with readers and ultimately sell more books. I’m currently recruiting 20 exceptional authors. We’ll work together through a six week course called Writing Inbound to develop and implement a book marketing plan.
Here’s what the course will cover:

1. Elements of a Successful Book Marketing Campaign

We’ll explore strategies, tactics, and tools successful authors use to launch their books and sell more copies. Together we’ll audit our marketing assets and create a plan to develop new ones that will move readers to become raving fans.

2. The ROI of Publishing and Marketing a Book

Publishing is a business. Whether you go the traditional or independent route, you’re going to incur some marketing expenses along the way. Together we’ll learn to budget our book marketing activities and make smart financial choices to get the most out of our investments.

3. Connecting with Your Readers Long-Term

Launching a book doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We’ll develop a plan to forge partnerships with other authors and learn how to give readers so much value that they want to buy from us. Writing is, after all, about the reader.

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