What My Last Heartbreak Looked Like

Sometimes you get so comfortable with love that you take it for granted. For Day 4 of Write Yourself Alive, I wrote this short poem to the person involved in my last heartbreak. These are all the things I couldn’t say and said too late because the pain I caused was too much for forgiveness at the time.

The Things I Said Too Late

How can I make up for the pain
I’ve caused? Where is there
room now for resolution and
forgiveness? The promises I’ve
made — broken; the words I’ve
said — failed.

If you left my world would tumble
and fall, our love lingering in
my heart like the ruins of
the Roman Empire. Present, imposing,
driving my every thought forward
and pulling at my heartstrings.

Please, darling, understand. It is you,
only you, that makes my heart sing,
that inspires in me passionate longing.
It is you, only you, my fortunes hold.

I would climb a thousand mountains, walk
one thousand hot sands, swim the
salty oceans, if only for one more
chance to get it right.

This time I write of here, I was wrong and it caused both our hearts to break. What did your last heartbreak look like?