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Michael Doane is available for speaking engagements, book signings, and discussions on literature and writing. Please leave your details and a description of your needs below.

Type of Booking

Speaking Topics

Michael Doane speaks on a variety of topics. The list below details some of Mike’s areas of expertise.

Personal and Literary Narratives

Michael Doane’s literature is inspired by the stories, viewpoints, and events that have impacted his life. Using his fiction as a platform for discovery, Mike shares the experiences that have led him to write novels like The Crossing.

Independent Publishing

Michael Doane self-published his first novel, The Crossing. He knows what it takes to find designers, editors, and other collaborators to write, edit, and publish a professional quality book that readers will love. Mike also understands the stigma that surrounds self-publishing and has worked to dispel the myths that have surrounded independent authors.

Author Marketing

Michael Doane has worked with authors around the world to formulate book launch strategies and execute author marketing plans. Through his initiative, Writing Inbound, he has helped writers build their author platform, find readers through social media, gain email subscribers via their websites, and sell books through emails lists, trade shows, and more.

Creative Entrepreneurship

Every author, artist, or creative has the potential to turn their hobby into an entrepreneurial endeavor. The problem is creatives often lack the confidence and skills to put their work into the world in a meaningful way. That’s why Michael Doane worked with Chasz Sollmer and a group of founding members to launch Artists Compound, an initiative that helps artists find work, trains them on how to become professional artists, and sets members up with an audience hungry for their work. He is passionate about giving other authors the skills they need to turn their writing hobby into a paid career.

Events, Conferences, and Trade Shows

Michael Doane earned his marketing chops at CadmiumCD, a software company that caters to the events industry. He went on to earn awards and recognition for his contributions to the industry, including the prestigious PCMA 20 in their Twenties. He was also a participant in IAEE’s 2016 Krakoff Leadership Institute. Mike has taken his experience in the events industry and helped authors learn how to sell their work at book fairs, land speaking engagements, and use events as a marketing tool for their careers as authors.