Resources for Readers

19 Resources Every Reader, Book Nerd, and Self-Describe Literary Guru

As an avid reader, I’ve tested out loads of platforms, subscribed to hundreds of newsletters, and have read thousands of essays and articles about the literature I love. I’ve waded through the junk and have found the gems I’ve listed below so you can keep your spam box empty. I hope these platforms and publications keep you entertained, informed, and excited as much as they have for me.

Note: This list is a constant work in progress. If you find a broken link or you think I should add something, let me know.

Reading Platforms

  • Goodreads – A social network for book nerds. Build your library, write reviews, and share your work. (say hello)
  • Tablo – A social network for readers to discover new stories and authors to share their work.
  • Wattpad – A place where readers can find stories by fiction writers in any genre.
  • iAuthor – A new platform where readers discover stories they love.
  • Story Wars – A fun place to see writers duke it out to write the best next chapter in crowdsourced stories.
  • Serial Box – The coolest serialized fiction I’ve ever seen. First chapters are always free.
  • News360 – Like Pandora for articles. The app learns what you like to read as you read. Replaced the much-missed app, Zite.
  • Scribd – Tons of books for next to nothing. Also a subscription service for the voracious reader.
  • Amazon – The number one book seller in the world. Also, the Kindle e-reader.
  • Barnes & Noble – Used to be the number one book seller in the world. Have a e-reader as well, called the Nook.
  • iTunes – Buy books and read them on your phone, tablet, or laptop.
  • Kobo – Another popular place to purcahse ebooks. Also have a lesser known reading device.

Must Read Publications

  • Biblioklept – The best blog in the world. Books, art, and other literary things.
  • Literary Hub – Book excerpts, essays, and articles for book nerds.
  • McSweeney’s – Great stories by great people.
  • The New Yorker – Everything from books, to humor, to cartoons.
  • Electric Lit – Book reviews, author interviews, and more.
  • Brain Pickings – Food for thought when the voracious reader is still hungry.
  • Kotaku – Video games are literature too. This is where people write about them.