9/22/16 “Michael Doane’s Debut Novel, Writing Advice, and a Big Thanks to Supporters”

It’s been awhile since I’ve been in touch, but a lot has happened this summer. You may be an old read, or you may be new to the site. Some of you I’ve met at recent events through HCPL, in Baltimore, or even a random encounter at the airport. 🙂

Anyway, here’s what I’ve got going on (and what you can look forward to):

My Debut Novel – The Crossing

Much of my summer was focused on putting the final touches on my debut novel, The Crossing. I actually lost some of the work on my final round of edits because my hard drive crashed (wtf!) but luckily I had sent the mostly completed work to my copy editor (hey Rachel), so that was a disaster averted.

The Crossing is available for pre-order now, but I’ll be reaching out again when it launches.

Big Thanks!

Quick Aside: The Crossing would have never been completed without the amazing feedback and support from my beta readers, friends, family, two amazing editors, and the guys at Reedsy. Thank you all so much.

New Website

I completely revamped the content on my website to focus on The Crossing. Here’s some cool things you can check out before the book launches:


HCPL’s Just Write Conference

I’ll be at HCPL’s Just Write Conference this Sunday. I know some of you locals will be there as well and I look forward to catching up. I’ll actually be speaking on the Preparing for Indie Publishing Panel at 11:30am. Learn more about Just Write here.

Writing Inbound + A Reedsy Live Chat

I’ve worked with some amazing writers this summer through Writing Inbound, helping them develop marketing plans for their books. I’ve put most client work on hold for now so I can focus on The Crossing, but Reedsy (the amazing people who have helped me typeset my book) recently hosted me on one of their Facebook Live Chats. If you’re a writer looking for ways to spruce up your website, this is the video for you: Book Marketing 101: Author Websites

What to look forward to…

I’ll be sending some information about my novel in the coming weeks. I’ll also be writing some articles that I think you’ll all really enjoy. Here’s a taste of what’s coming:

  • Best Coming of Age Novels
  • Top Travel Books
  • Observations on Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenence (which I read after writing The Crossing and felt an instant connection to)
  • The Cost of Self-Publishing The Crossing (I’m going all out here, listing expenses and everything).

Enough about me!

What about you?? What have you been up to this summer, and what are you looking forward to reading? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Looking forward to the conversation!