Every month I send 3 book recommendations…

Every month I send subscribers 3 book recommendations through the Kalmia Book Club. The first book is something educational. The second book is something transformational. And the third is something transcendent. Here’s what I mean:

1. Something to Learn

The primary goal of reading these books is to learn. These are often written by an expert explaining their knowledge from experience to you. Your goal is to apply that knowledge to your own life, either mentally or physically. Books on business, psychology, self-improvement, and philosophy are all under this category.

2. Something to Understand

The difference between knowledge and wisdom is empathy. These books allow you to step into someone else’s shoes and connect with them in terms of universal principles. The easiest way to do this as a human is through narrative, and these narratives will allow you to explore the nature of people, places, and things through someone else’s eyes. Fiction, autobiographies, and memoirs fit into this category.

3. Something to Feel

Art helps us transcend narrative. As the old saying goes: a picture contains a thousand words. But a melody, a poem, or a cryptic lyric may capture the nature of reality just as well as fiction often captures truth better than fact. Poetry, photography, and illustration fall into this category. Sometimes I might even recommend an album, graphic novel, video game, or movie.

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