3/12/17 “The Literary Merits of Tom Clancy, Sara Nović’s Girl At War, and My First (Little) Break As A Writer”

Today in literary history, Tom Clancy was born in 1947 in my home city of Baltimore, MD. It might be a little too easy to write Clancy off as a pulp novelist and ignore his serious contributions to the American canon. But what we have to remember is that even Shakespeare was writing for a popular audience in his own time, which is what made his work so lasting.

While I’ve only read one book by Clancy, I’ve experienced much of his work throughout my life in video games and film. It’s remarkable where writing can take someone, and I suspect Clancy’s career took him a little bit by surprise.

Speaking of Baltimore, I found this nice little list of Book Fairs & Festivals in Maryland. If you’re in the area, let me know which ones you’ll be attending. I’m going to try to make as many as possible this year.

What’s new with me?

Three big things happened for me this past month.

1. You can now read The Crossing through your local library.

Michael Doane's The Crossing can be read through your local library through Library Journal/Bibliocrunch's SELF-e program.

My novel, The Crossing, is now available for free via your local library. Most carry the ebook version through Bibloioboard’s SELF-e program. If you request a print version of the book, that would be a huge help for me! The important thing is that my words can now reach a wider audience, especially those who may not be able to afford luxuries like books (what a horrible thought). Log in with your library card here and search “Michael Doane The Crossing.”

2. I’ve been officially recognized for my work as a writer.

Enso Poems embody in words the ancient tradition of drawing a daily circle.

While I officially didn’t win, I was named a finalist for GBCA’s Baker Artist Award, which to me is a big win in itself. Check out my Baker’s Artist Portfolio to experience the work that got me this recognition for yourself.

3. My book was featured on The Guardian!

Michael Doane's The Crossing is the best book to read on World Book Day according to The Guardian :)

Well, kind of. Thanks to my friends at Reedsy, an article in The Guardian featured an image in which my book was featured at the top of a stack of books. The article itself is worth a read. It’s about the successes of small businesses in the book industry. It’s an uncle of a sister’s friend kind of thing… but it still makes me happy!

A few other things I have going on…

  • New episodes of Between Pages Podcast are out. This month Dula and I are reading Sara Nović’s Girl At War, a beautiful story of a girl finding her way as an adult in America after growing up in war-torn Yugoslavia. If you want to read along next month, we’ll be reading Haruki Murakami’s Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki. Join the conversation at betweenpagespodcast.com.
  • The Crossing is on sale via Gumroad. Enter offer code “spreadthelove” at checkout for a 20% discount.
  • I’ve now published over 100 poems and little musings as part of my daily writing habit challenge. Leave me a comment and encourage me to keep it up (it’s not easy!).
  • I’ll be giving a presentation in June at the Havre De Grace Branch library in Harford County, MD. It’s about creating your own daily writing habit. If you’re a writer in the area, definitely keep your eyes open for this opportunity (free to you). I’ll send you more info when I have it. If you can’t wait, get in touch with me at writinginbound.com, and get started today.

What are you working on?

Enough about me… what about you? What cool projects are you working on? What books are you reading? Email me back or leave a comment and let me know!