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9/22/16 “Michael Doane’s Debut Novel, Writing Advice, and a Big Thanks to Supporters”

It’s been awhile since I’ve been in touch, but a lot has happened this summer. You may be an old read, or you may be new to the site. Some of you I’ve met at recent events through HCPL, in Baltimore, or even a random encounter at the airport. 🙂

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Have you ever discovered a box of amazing images?

When I was getting serious about writing a few years ago, I thought that if I kept at it, I’d eventually get “discovered.” A lot of authors think this starting out.

We picture ourselves toiling away at our art until suddenly a publisher appears from the shadows and sees the genius. “Ah ha! You’re what the world’s been waiting for!” And poof… we’re the next Steinbeck or Rowling or King.

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This issue isn't black and white: authors who speak at conference should be paid according to Phillip Pullman

When Phillip Pullman resigned his patronage of the Oxford Literary Festival, he took a stand for all authors. Think about it: authors are the bread and butter of lit conferences. The wait staff, the AV guys, everyone else gets paid. Why shouldn’t writers who are invited to share their expertise and provide valuable content to the organizers get paid too?

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I recently realized I can't do everything (2015 reflections and new year's resolutions)

(I can’t do everything.) A couple weeks ago my wife called me out on being an asshole. I was angry at first. How dare she! Right? When I started to listen though, when I took her words and processed them, I begin to realize what she meant. I’d felt off balance for awhile. I knew that for sure. She’d finally vocalized what I’d been feeling. Still, I didn’t want to confront it.

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