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Charles Bukowski, Pulp :: Part II

Mike and Dula read Charles Bukowski’s final novel, Pulp. Sex and death, bad writing, and the blurred lines between fiction and reality.

I mean, say that you figure that everything is senseless, then it can’t be quite senseless because you are aware that it’s senseless and your awareness of senselessness almost gives it sense. You know what I mean?

Charles Bukowski

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Inspired Typeset #6 by Michael Doane || Raw, unedited poetry.  “It is within one single moment and with one simple breath, that we live and love and act. So let this be the moment we remember, with our legs entwined and the sheets bunched at the foot of the bed, the morning haze playing gently on the contours of your body — and let us remember that one simple action in this one single moment when our breathed those three …

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