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This essay is plagiarized. In fact, every essay is. Richard Dawkins coined the term, “meme,” not so long ago (I learned of it through Daniel Dennet). A meme is quite simply an infectious idea that spreads from person to person, often digitally. Millennials are especially susceptible to these since they are constantly connected, sucking in information nearly every waking second.

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How Story Wars Is Embracing the Other Side of the Gutenberg Parenthesis

While participating in NaNoWriMo 2014, I received an invite to an app called Story Wars. It seemed like a cool enough concept. Challenge or be challenged to a literary duel, a war of wits and words. Challengers begin a story with a first chapter then invite multiple other users to write the next chapter. They are given a certain amount of time and after that time is up, other users can vote on the winning chapter.

I did little with it at the time. My head was down, focused on completing my novel. In fact, I completely forgot about the app altogether.

Until yesterday.

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