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Write Yourself Alive Day 11

This is a question we too often forget to ask ourselves. With all the rushing back and forth, the simply trying to live life, we neglect to ask ourselves what inspires joy in our hearts.

It’s a good exercise because it helps ground us. We are all human and we all have to do daily things that are an inconvenience or an unwanted necessity. But that doesn’t mean we should forget to be happy or neglect our passions.

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Write Yourself Alive Day 10

It’s a beautiful day here in the Baltimore area. Unnaturally warm and sunny for this time of year, especially considering the bitter windy cold we’ve had the past week or so.

Tyler Knott Gregson asked us Write Yourself Alive protegés to pay him tribute today. He asked us to write poems in his style and I am honored to do so. My fiancé, Emily, and I knew when we first found Tyler’s blog that he’d be something big someday and he’s lived up to it now. We’ve fallen so in love with his words that we’re going to have #1 of his Typewriter Series read at our wedding this upcoming May.

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Today I wrote for 15 minutes straight, no edits, no worries. I tried to cut out distractions and just write. I did my best not to stop and self-edit (I won’t lie, it happened… it’s in my nature). The questions that present themselves to you during this type of exercise are always interesting. This time I found myself asking, “How is it I got here and am I moving forward the way I want to be? What would make a perfect world for us all?”

I’m not sure I found an answer, but the question I was left with may surprise you…

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Write Yourself Alive Day 7

Today was probably the hardest day of writing yet. The focus was on venturing out into a public place and describing the first ten people we see as if we were introducing them as characters in a novel. I had a yoga class tonight and thought I’d use that for inspiration. Problem is, the teacher got sick and cancelled class. I was uninspired to go anywhere else on a Wednesday night and the options seemed limited anyway. I came home and did my best to sit down and get the writing done. Here’s what I came up with:

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