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My Post Apocalyptic Reading List

7 Books That Shaped Who I Am Today

I’m a 90s kid, so my early childhood was shaped mostly by TV, video games, and music. Still, I’m something of a bibliophile and always was. I grew up on Goosebumps and Animorphs as much as I did on Nickolodeon and Super Nintendo.

If civilization for some reason came to a screeching halt and I could only preserve 10 books for the survivors, the human race would end up reading itself to death. I could care less about survival guides (I’m the stubborn camper who already thinks he knows everything).

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How Story Wars Is Embracing the Other Side of the Gutenberg Parenthesis

While participating in NaNoWriMo 2014, I received an invite to an app called Story Wars. It seemed like a cool enough concept. Challenge or be challenged to a literary duel, a war of wits and words. Challengers begin a story with a first chapter then invite multiple other users to write the next chapter. They are given a certain amount of time and after that time is up, other users can vote on the winning chapter.

I did little with it at the time. My head was down, focused on completing my novel. In fact, I completely forgot about the app altogether.

Until yesterday.

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Writing black out poetry was probably the hardest creative act I’ve ever done. To look through a book and choose a page to tear out felt like sacrilege, defamation, a literary sin.

Yet it felt so freeing. Reading the words on the page, decomposing the message and manipulating the words to form something different, something new, was such a great release. Being able to free myself from thought and create passively when I always try to be in such control was amazing.

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