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Today I wrote for 15 minutes straight, no edits, no worries. I tried to cut out distractions and just write. I did my best not to stop and self-edit (I won’t lie, it happened… it’s in my nature). The questions that present themselves to you during this type of exercise are always interesting. This time I found myself asking, “How is it I got here and am I moving forward the way I want to be? What would make a perfect world for us all?”

I’m not sure I found an answer, but the question I was left with may surprise you…

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During a discussion about micro-managers with a partner at an accounting firm, he told me, “I have a lot of independent business owners come through my office. A lot of people can’t work for or with others, so they go into business for themselves and never get around to expanding.” As a manager at a small business myself, I’ve put a lot of thought into this matter. I occupy a space somewhere between employer and employee so I have plenty …

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