Hi, I’m Michael Doane

I have 3 purposes in life: to learn, to create, and to help others achieve their goals. I’m still searching for the perfect way to combine all three, but I’m glad you’re here for the journey.
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I love to bring ideas to life…

Through the art of narrative and poetry.
I publish fiction through Kalmia Books, and sometimes post poetry on social media. I also have a book club where I share some of my favorite stories, ideas, and artwork with like-minded readers.

By helping others share their own stories.
I’ve worked with fiction and non-fiction authors from all over the world. Currently I’m preparing a small course called Writing Inbound, which will launch exclusively to 20 handpicked applicants.

And by communicating the stories of great products and services.
Through my consultancy, Solstice House Media, I help businesses, non-profits, and authors tell their brand stories, connect with customers, and grow their products and services.

Enough about me. What about you?

Are you someone who likes to learn? Do you write? Are you currently growing a business or product? If so, I think I have something for you. Click one of the links below to tell me how you identify and I’ll serve up some content just for you.